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Shanxi Jiaqi Agricultural High-tech Ltd.Co. specialized in quinoa development in China, including introducing good varities,cultivation ,farming ,processing and related know-how as well as marketing in China.It is a quinoa leading company with a powerful team in China. Our target is to promote quinoa farming in suitable areas ,facilitate processing facilities and supply high quality products for domestic customers.
Our products are mainly whole quinoa processed in our factory.

Plastic bag:450g
Paper bag with outside box:500


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Shanxi Jiaqi Agyi-Tech Co.,Ltd

Add:Unit A of 15th Floor of Building B Huayu International Fuxi Street, Taiyuan Shanxi

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Eco Farming
First of all,We are selecting farm land in remote mountain areas located above 1500 meters above sea level. The quinoa farm must meet the following requirements:
01. Far from heavy industry at least 30kms
02. Local farmers have the habit of growing animals such as sheep/goats,beef,cow,donkey etcs and they always use animal of plants manure as their main fertilizer.
03. With clean water, no pollution
04. Fertile soil with good structure and drainage well
05. Rainfall between 400-800mm
06. The highest temperature not more than 32C continuous more than 3 days.
07. The rotate crops avoiding from vegetables
Secondly, we are training quinoa farmers with good farming practices by taking training courses from time to time.
Thirdly, we organize the quinoa farmers to form a quinoa farming association .
Fourthly, the farmers set up quinoa farming collectives in each village.
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